• How can I register my server?
    Just create a free account here, or just do log in if you already have an account. After that click "Register Server" on the left navigation menu and register your server through the form.
  • Which Teamspeak versions are supported?
    TeamSpeak 2 and TeamSpeak 3 are supported.
  • How much is the Viewer?
    Our Viewer at http://teamspeak-viewer.de is for free.
  • How can I embed the Viewer into my website?
    To do this your Teamspeak Server has to be registered with our service. Then you will find on "My TS Server" your own Teamspeak server. If you click on your server entry you can get the iFrame as HTML embed code for your website.
  • Can I only use Teamspeak servers from 4Netplayers with the Viewer?
    No, you can use every Teamspeak server with our Viewer.
  • My Teamspeak 3 server does not show up, what can I do?
    Some Teamspeak hosters block requests from the Viewer. We recommend a Teamspeak server from 4Netplayers, which we garantuee will run with Teamspeak-Viewer.de .
  • How much is a TS server?
    Pricing for our hosted Teamspeak servers is available here: 4Netplayers Teamspeak server , i.e. a server for 25 persons is only 3,80€ per month.
  • What if my question is not answered here?
    Please write us your question via email to support@4netplayers.com.